About Wildlife Mapping

Having a well referenced map of any Game Farm or reserve offers the owner / management the ability to plan certain management strategies. Many owners are looking to improve their land or are interested in maximizing their land’s potential. This requires careful planning and one of the first things management should do is develop a useful map of their land.

Another value of a farm map is for future planning or changes that management intend to make and for others to help them to best utilize the property for the intended use.

A detailed map of the land will assist with:

  • Bush clearing / alien plant eradication
  • Re-aligning roads to cover more of the vegetation communities or habitats for eco-tourism purposes
  • Re- positioning of water sources should their location have a negative effect on animal movement patterns
  • Planning pro-active Anti poaching plans – OP’s or reaction plans in high risk areas
  • Keeping record of historic management interventions / patrolling / burning regimes