Game Capture

About Game Capturing

Successful game capturing are one of the reasons wildlife has survived. It enables us to save many animals from annihilation during droughts, war and inbreeding in our environment.

It has given the industry a great boost as breeders are now able to enlarge their breeding pools, especially endangered species.

Trophy animals can now be brought into previously closed genetic populations to again reproduce good quality animals. 
Game capturing has also enabled us to spread our problems over larger areas e.g. the relocation of problem animals( like elephants) into other game reserves, only to become too many there as well.

Game capturing is the most important part of the industry and is a lifeline for the sustainability of game management in South Africa.

About Game Capturing Continued…

It is vital to make use of the services of the best game capturers in the business to limit the space for error when capturing game.

Capturing services include air support as a platform for tracking wounded animals and vaccinations of animals against the dreaded anthrax and botulism diseases. When involved with game capture it is important to keep stress to the animal minimal and this is a fundamental part of our game capture operations.

Game capture is necessary to preserve species and maintain high population numbers in different game reserves. The movement of wildlife will also ensure that successful breeding programs continue and allow the trans-located wildlife to thrive in new reserves.